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Recent Criminal Defense Case Victories

Carl M. Pomona Robbery PC 211 NOT GUILTY
Abraham H. Nevada Cultivation 700 Plants Prop 215/Probation
N. S. San Diego ADW PC 245 Hung Jurry
Kenneth R. Ventura Asault PC. 242 Case Dismissed
Raymond R. Los Angeles Res. Burg PC 459 NOT GUILTY
Jerrimia M. Orange County ADW PC 245 Case Dismissed
Anthony P. Los Angeles Felony DUI Case Dismissed
Tina H. Orange County Domestic Violence Case Dismissed
Marcus M. San Diego Rape NOT GUILTY
Gulimro. R. Los Angeles Attempted Murder Charge Dropped
Olita T.
Freddie J.
Los Angeles
Hit & Run Cultivation/ Poss. Sales Case Dismissed
Christina W. Los Angele Prostitution Dismissed
Arthur R. Los Angeles Grand Theft,Embezzlement Dismissed
William K. Kern Transportation /Possession for Sale of Marijuana Dismissed
Arthur H. Los Angeles Evading Police Dismissed
Andrew J. San Bernardino Possession of Marijuana Dismissed
Robert G. Los Angeles Transportation / Possession for Sale of Methamphetamines Dismissed
Richard O. Los Angeles Arson Dismissed
Eddie E. Los Angeles Robbery Hung Jury
Ann F. Orange Grand Theft Dismissed
Brandon R. Ventura Assault w/ Deadly Weapon Dismissed
Mark D. San Diego Cultivation of Marijuana Dismissed
Terry H. Ventura Possession for Sale Dismissed
Tina H. Orange Resisting Arrest Dismissed
Bruce H. Los Angeles Assault w/ Deadly Weapon Dismissed
Nicole S. Los Angeles Hit and Run Dismissed
Andrew G. San Bernardino Manslaughter Probation
Oscar M. Los Angeles Domestic Violence Dismissed
Laura R. Los Angeles Driving Under the Influence Dismissed
Jesse R. Orange Murder Dismissed
Saeed T. Los Angeles Grand Theft Dismissed
Laquel H. Los Angeles Resisting Arrest Dismissed