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Loss of your driver's license in California

The best way to avoid a DUI is to not drink and drive even if you've had a small amount of alcohol and you are not impaired. If you smell like alcohol your chances of being arrested when you are pulled over are very high. Being arrested however for A DUI does not automatically result in a conviction or loss of your driver's license in California. Here are some things that you should know.

If you are arrested for drunk driving in Los Angeles or any other county in California you are in serious legal trouble. The state has some of the most severe penalties in the nation for DUI charges. For those who have an earlier drunk driving offense on their record, they will be facing enhanced penalties if convicted again. If you or a loved one has been arrested for drunk driving, it is critical that you enlist the assistance of a Los Angeles drunk driving defense lawyer immediately. At the Law Offices of Sean Tabibian & Associates, the legal team is well-skilled in the defense of DUI charges of all types, including for individuals who have multiple drunk driving convictions on their record.