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Los Angeles Sex Crime Defense Attorney

Arrested and Charged with a Sex Crime in Los Angeles?

Nothing could be more serious than being arrested for a sex crime in the Los Angeles area. Crimes such as rape, sexual abuse, child sexual abuse and others are treated with the greatest of hatred by law enforcement and the public at large. If you are arrested and charged with any sex crime, it is crucial that you get legal representation from a Los Angeles sex crimes defense lawyer without delay. If you don't have experienced and aggressive legal representation and are convicted of the crime, you could spend the rest of your life being a registered sex offender. This information is available to any person who wants to look it up, including your neighbors, possible employers, or others who wish to search your name. Sex Crimes Defense Lawyer in Los Angeles, California

On top of the problem of sex offender status, you will be dealing with the penalties that the state has for those who commit crimes of a sexual nature. Many crimes include years in state prison as part of the penalty. At the Law Offices of Sean Tabibian & Associates, the legal team has assisted countless individuals faced with all types of sex crimes, including the following:

* Indecent Exposure * Public Lewd Acts * Lewd or Lascivious Acts with a Minor * Prostitution * Possession of Child Pornography * Distribution of Child Pornography * Sexual Battery * Sexual Assault * Rape * Date Rape * Spousal Rape * Forcible Rape * Statutory Rape * Peeking Offenses

Experienced Criminal Defense Attorney Defends Sex Crime Cases

At the Law Offices of Sean Tabibian & Associates, the legal team is extremely experienced in the defense of all types of sex crime cases and should review the details of your case immediately. Any serious crime offense needs fast action on the part of the criminal defense lawyer in order to set the defense into motion. There are often many types of possible defense options, and in order to determine how to best move forward, the criminal defense attorney from the firm must have the ability to review the evidence against you and advise you of your options. Many individual have been surprised to discover that their legal problems end prior to trial when the charges are dropped or dismissed. This is the work of a high quality and knowledgeable Los Angeles criminal defense attorney. At the Law Offices of Sean Tabibian & Associates the legal team is aggressive, determined and zealous in their approach to sex crime cases, and will fight relentlessly on behalf of the accused client.

Contact a Los Angeles Sex Crimes Defense Attorney from the Law Offices of Sean Tabibian & Associates if you or a loved one has been charged with a sex crime and are seeking high quality legal representation that will aggressively fight for your defense.