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Los Angeles Cocaine / Meth Criminal Defense Lawyer

Los Angeles Drug Manufacturing Defense Attorney

Charged with Drug Manufacturing in Los Angeles?

There has been much media attention on drug manufacturing in the L.A. area, generally referring to "meth labs", as these covert laboratories have dangerous chemicals and have been known to explode and create danger for those in the area. However, there are other types of drug manufacturing labs, such as those that create Ecstasy, LSD, or process Cocaine to make it into "crack cocaine". Any such criminal charge is a felony offense, and if convicted the punishment includes state prison, often for several years as a minimum. When facing such charges, it is critical that you have legal representation from a skilled Los Angeles drug manufacturing defense attorney. The criminal defense lawyer needs to be contacted as quickly after your arrest as possible, a vital rule. A strong defense begins immediately after the arrest, and before you speak to investigators or law enforcement personnel.

Drug Manufacturing Defense Lawyer in Los Angeles

At the Law Offices of Sean Tabibian & Associates, the legal team of skilled criminal defense lawyers is very experienced in the defense of drug manufacturing charges, and is prepared to aggressively fight on behalf of the client. The criminal defense lawyer will completely review the details of your case and seek out the flaws to use as a weapon for your defense. Any error in police procedure can lead to a dismissed case, and each individual case must have the full attention of a criminal defense lawyer as quickly as possible before there is time to alter, lose or move any of the evidence. It may be necessary to have an independent investigation done in order to exonerate you of the charges.

If a landlord rented a space to an individual who then used it to manufacture drugs, the landlord themselves may be charged with the felony offense of drug manufacturing. Any association with this activity results in strong police interest and usually multiple arrests. The prosecutor in the case will be dedicated to your conviction, and will have the support of the law enforcement officers involved as witnesses. With such odds, it is necessary to have an equally powerful and resourceful criminal defense lawyer fighting for you.

Contact a Los Angeles Drug Manufacturing Defense Attorney from the Law Offices of Sean Tabibian & Associates if you have been arrested and charged with the manufacture of any controlled substance in L.A.